“Had Weygers thought of the flying car in the 1960s as I did, he’d have been a half-century ahead of his time. But he first came up with the Discopter in the 1920s, which is stunning.”
-Paul Moller, Skycar Inventor, Moller International

“You can see from his work that he was constantly switching back and forth from artist to engineer. Very few people can do those two things with equal skill – DaVinci comes to mind – but Weygers clearly could do it. It’s a remarkable ability.”
-Richard MacDonald, sculptor

“Alex is a part of my conscious and subconscious minds. Whether I know it or not, he’s always guiding me.”
-Robb Talbott, businessman

“I’d never experienced anything like this, I’d never seen art like that, nor have I since. It was extraordinarily… human, I guess you’d say. And I’d certainly never met a human like Weygers. He was in total command of his environment.”
-Peter Partch

“[Mourning] appears to me to be the most admirable sculpture that I have ever seen by an untrained hand.”
-Lorado Taft

“Those early days we were like Adam and Eve, we had no neighbors. It was so dark at night, and we’d just lie there and watch shooting star after shooting star go past.”
– Marian Weygers

“He is a little-known sculptor of national repute who has acquired a dedicated following despite his distaste for the hype of the gallery scene and the marketing of art as an investment.”
– unknown

“The versatility of Alex’s mind is still astonishing, People liken him to an athlete who is equally outstanding at football, basketball, and baseball. I say no, it’s not like he played all those games. It’s like he invented them.”
– Peter Partch

“Alex didn’t have extremist views at all, he wasn’t anti-money, anti-tax, or anti-government, so long as that government functioned well. Alex simply wanted to be around people who had a desire to create for the sake of creation, irrespective of material gain. He wanted to be around people with an interest in seeing ideas take flight.”
– Peter Partch

“When you took his blacksmithing course, you were in for a week of hard work. You were on your feet in his studio for 10-12 hours a day. He was a great teacher – very encouraging – but he had high expectations. He wanted to make progress every day, and he waited for no one.”
– Joseph Stevens, Student of AGW

“There would be about a dozen of us, we would sit around this magnificent, kidney-shaped, cantilevered table made from redwood that pivoted to accommodate his guests. We’d eat food he and Marian grew in their garden, on plates he’d made on his forge. It was a time when technology seemed to really be accelerating. But when you were at their house, time really stood still. It could have been any time – any century, even.”
– Joseph Stevens, Student of AGW

“Alex was known as the guy who was one of the last masters of things like wood engraving and blacksmithing – trades that were nearly dead. It seemed impossible he could also be responsible for [the Discopter], something so much from the future. You wouldn’t have thought anyone could straddle two worlds like that.”
– Polly Brumder, Student of AGW