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Besides his artwork in sculpture, painting, photography, and wood engraving, Alexander Weygers is a published author in such diverse fields as blacksmithing, the creation of tools, and recycling. Some of his most popular titles are: The Modern Blacksmith, The Making of Tools, and The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools. The first has been described as the “Bible” of blacksmiths, and has been a valued teaching material for decades. All of these have been compiled into a publication released in 1997 titled The Complete Modern Blacksmith.

The Making of Tools (1978)

The Making of Tools teaches the artist and craftsman how to make exactly the tool he or she needs: how to design, sharpen, and temper them, using only basic shop equipment and scrap steel. Dozens of tips and techniques are covered, from setting up a beginner’s workshop and learning to temper steel to making simple tools such as screwdrivers and carving, cutting, and sharpening tools.

The Modern Blacksmith (1976)

The Modern Blacksmith demonstrates, with lucid text and beautifully clear illustrations, the basic tools and techniques that are available to the modern blacksmith. This fascinating book covers everything from developing the correct hammer and body motions for forging to creating tools such as pliers and shovels and hardware such as hinges and door latches.

The Recycling, Use, and repair of tools (1980)

The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools stresses the creative reuse of old materials, and features a wealth of easy-to-follow procedures for making, repairing, and maintaining a great variety of equipment and parts, from shovels and chisels to washers and bearings.

The Complete Modern Blacksmith (1997)

This anthology combines Weygers’ three classics, The Making of Tools, The Modern Blacksmith, and The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools, into one accessible educational book. The Complete Modern Blacksmith is filled with scores of time-honored techniques, clear step-by-step instructions, and hundreds of the author’s detailed drawings, and is a unique resource for any serious artist or craftsman.

Sculpture Form and Philosophy (2004)

Sculpture, Form, and Philosophy was published posthumously, using material from Weygers’ notebooks. In this book, Weygers describes his internal process of creating sculptures, with practical guides to the theory, technique, and tools needed for sculpture. Nineteen of Weygers’ sculptures are analyzed in this book, illuminating the technique, composition, and inspiration behind this master sculptor’s work. Sculpture, Form, and Philosophy is a valuable guidebook for artists at any level of skill and expertise, and is a look into the mind of a visionary artist.

Book written about Alexander Weygers:

LIFT: 7 Lessons for Innovators from an Otherworldly Thinker

Exploring the unconventional methods and thought processes that lead to Weygers’ great s, Lift profiles the mind behind the man who invented the flying saucer. Creating a profile of Weygers’ background and achievements, this book illuminates the core lessons and philosophy of this great innovator, providing context to relate these concepts to the modern world. Lift is a thoughtful telling of the Weygers story, and is a valuable read for anyone who seeks to make a unique mark on the world.

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