Growing up in a time before internet access and easy information retrieval, Alexander Weygers studied extensively with many teachers to become a master of blacksmithing, shipbuilding engineering, sculpture, engraving, and more. He realized the importance of receiving information through the mentorship model, combining the human aspect of learning with the expertise of master teachers. In his later years, he took on the role of mentor himself and passed on his knowledge of sculpture, toolmaking, and sustainable living to small groups of students in his home in Carmel Valley, California. In the 1970’s, he collected his teaching materials into three books, The Master Blacksmith, The Making of Tools, and The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools, so that his knowledge could benefit those who were not able to take his classes. After his death, he continued to touch the lives of people around the world through his books and through the impact his students made by passing on his teachings.


Today, the Weygers Foundation is committed to continuing the mentorship ideals of Alexander Weygers through exhibitions of his work, scholarships, participation with makers’ events, and school programs. Weygers’ lessons of sustainability, self-reliance, and innovation are as relevant today as they were when he was teaching them to his students, and provide valuable inspiration and insight into the inner workings of this great mind from the 20th century.


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Alexander Weygers